Welcome to the Old Virginia Ham Shop

Folks have been coming to us for their specialty food needs since 1957. If you are a new customer, "Welcome!" If you are a returning customer, we look forward to serving you again. Whether this is for you, your family, or to give as a special gift to customers, business associates or friends, we are firing up our ovens just for you.

We proudly prepare and serve three types of hams, in the most popular forms:

  • Smithfield Hams (*1)
  • Country Hams
  • Sugar Cured Hams

In addition, we offer Smithfield dry-cured bacon; North Carolina style Pork Bar-B-Q; Virginia Jumbo Peanuts; Edwards™ Hickory-Smoked Sliced Bacon and Hickory-Smoked Peppered Sliced Bacon; plus a whole lot more!


Tidewater Virginia plantation


Virginia ham was one of the first agricultural products exported from North America. The Reverend Mr. Andrew Burnaby enthusiastically reported that Virginia pork was superior in flavor to any in the world. (*2) Today, after more than three centuries of progress, Virginia ham is still considered a superb product, because of its distinctive savory taste.

A high quality cured ham requires that you start with the proper type and a high quality fresh ham. Such fresh hams come from young, healthy, fast-growing hogs with a desirable lean-to-fat ratio.

Virginia, by state law, declared a distinction for “Smithfield” cured hams and each cure master became known for his particular method for curing ham. Factors such as weather and the ingredients they used to cure, became the determing factor for their distinctive taste.

1 By USDA regulation, a “Smithfield” ham must be dry-cured 180 days, long shank, and produced within the limits of Smithfield, Virginia, a town where our nation's first commercial smokehouses were begun.
2 "Travels through the Middle Settlements of North America," 1749-1760, 16.